3rd Party Integration(Doordash|Ubereat|Grubhub)

  Our ordering system seamlessly integrates with popular delivery platforms like Doordash, UberEats, and Grubhub, attracting more customers and              helping your restaurant stand out in a highly competitive market. With innovative features such as automatic routing of orders to the kitchen, your team    can start preparing immediately after a customer places an order. This efficient automation process significantly improves the speed and accuracy of          your restaurant’s service, providing customers with an exceptional dining experience. By choosing our ordering system, you will receive top-notch              technical support and advanced features, enabling your restaurant to achieve tremendous success and expand its market share in the online food              delivery industry.

    Join us now and make your restaurant a leader in the industry!

Doordash Kitchen and Receipt Small Ticket Display

Insmenu - Third-Party Order Acceptance App

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